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Where beauty begins!

Values aren’t selected, they are discovered. Our core values should tell the world who we are, and motivate us to be exceptional in all we do, inside and outside of Locobeauty.

Our values!

L: Legitimate
In the beginning, we had a lot of similar questions like "Are you guys legit?". As we grow, we seldom hear that question. You can trust us. We are always legit and do the right things for our customers. Shop with confidence!

O: Original
Selling original items is the basic of the basic. We carry 100% original items. Authentic! New! If you felt uncomfortable with the product, feel free to contact at support@locobeauty.com anytime.

C: Connected
We always want to be connected with our customers. We believe that good communications make big differences. We always try to think by your side. If you felt we are not friendly or not helpful contact at yourfriend@locobeauty.com anytime. I will try to communicate with our staff to make things better for you.

O: Over Deliver
Over deliver sounds nice but it is not that easy. We will try our best to make you happy and comfortable whenever you shop with us. Our customers are our biggest asset. We try our best to over deliver for our customers now and we will try harder to over deliver to make everyone smile.     

At Locobeauty.com, customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities.
If you have any questions or comments please email us at support@locobeauty.com

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