AG Dry Wax Matte Finish Mist 5 oz

AG Hair Cosmetics

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  • AG Dry Wax Matte Finish Mist 5 oz comes with giant sea kelp is high in protein, iodine and calcium, which strengthens hair and helps reduce split ends and breakage; clarifies as it removes unwanted toxins and environmental pollutants
  • bladderwack seaweed is rich in nutrients and essential amino acids for healthy hair, bladderwack is a natural polymer with a high percentage of sodium alginate to create texture
  • Irish moss contains vitamin A and C which naturally condition hair and Vitamin B which helps maintain a healthy scalp
  • dulse seaweed is rich in protein, potassium, iron, Vitamin K and iodine which strengthen hair and protect from damage
  • seaberry oil (sea buckthorn oil) is rich in vitamin A and E that help fight aging in hair and combat dryness, brittleness, thinning and breakage
AG Dry Wax Matte Finish Mist 5 oz add movable definition

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