Alter Ego Egocolor Semi-Permanent Color

Alter Ego

1 Black
1.10 Blue Black
2 Brown
3 Dark Chestnut
4 Chestnut
4.6 Red Chestnut
5 Light Chestnut
5.3 Intense Light Chestnut
5.4 Copper Light Chestnut
5.7 Coffee
6 Dark Blonde
6.3 Golden Dark Blonde
6.4 Copper Dark Blonde
6.43 Golden Copper Dark Blonde
6.7 Chocolate
7 Blonde
7.3 Golden Blonde
7.4 Copper Blonde
7.43 Golden Copper
7.7 Light Brown
8 Light Blonde
8.3 Golden Light Blonde
9.3 Light Golden Blonde
A special, new generation, gentle coloring cream to ensure a "tone on tone" result, bright and natural. The tonal ranges are enhanced by natural active ingredients with pleasant fragrances. This highly covering product creates a uniform effect, leaving hair surprisingly luminous, soft and hydrated. EgoColor Semi-permanent acts gently on hair, respecting its structure and keeping colour  permanent.

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