BPT Wheat Germ Vegetable Protein Rinse 14 Ounce


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  • Balance your natural and transitioning hair with BPT Wheat Germ's Conditioner, Wholesome wheatgerm extract, a vital source of Vitamin E, infuses the hair with long-lasting moisture and nutrients, for longer, stronger, natural hair. 
  • This dedicated formula works to keep strands intact from root to tip, maintaining length so the growth you see at the roots is reflected at the ends. 
  • BPT Wheatgerm Conditioner creates compatibility for contrasting textures, calming new roots while protecting delicate chemically-treated ends. Its plant proteins imbue the natural hair shaft with strength without leaving residue or hard to manipulate hair. Hair is left with enhanced flexibility, for all the styling variety your natural canvas intrinsically possesses.

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