Lado Pro Torino Hair Brush Medium 6553 - 100% Pure Boar Bristle


7 row dark brown

  • Great for Exfoliation and Blood Circulation Stimulation (More Blood Flow to the Scalp Leads to Stronger Roots)
  • Lado Pro Brushes Keep Hair Clean Longer, Reducing the Amount of Shampooing, which Strips your Hair of its Natural Oil (Sebum)
  • Prevent Hair Loss, Strengthen and Reduce Frizz by Conditioning and Adding Lustrous Shine to Make Hair Softer and More Manageable while Adding Volume
  • Boar Bristles are Also Resilient, Which Assist in Efficient Detangling, Straightening or Brushing through Thick, Coarse or Curly/Wavy Hair
  • This Can Help Lubricate the Hair Shaft, Replacing Lost Moisture to Make the Strands More Flexible and Less Likely to Break or Split

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