Lado Pro Torino Pro Hair Brush Medium 6355 - Reinforced Boar Bristles


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  • Great for Exfoliation and Blood Circulation Stimulation (More Blood Flow to the Scalp Leads to Stronger Roots)Lado Pro Brushes Keep Hair Clean Longer, Reducing the Amount of Shampooing, which Strips your Hair of its Natural Oil (Sebum)
  • Prevent Hair Loss, Strengthen and Reduce Frizz by Conditioning and Adding Lustrous Shine to Make Hair Softer and More Manageable while Adding Volume
  • The advantage of this brush is longer bristles, which is useful for anyone with thick or coarse hair. This means you can brush all of your hair down to your scalp (the long/sturdy bristles reach through all the layers of your hair)
  • This Can Help Lubricate the Hair Shaft, Replacing Lost Moisture to Make the Strands More Flexible and Less Likely to Break or Split

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