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Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris Excellence Non-Drip Creme

1 Black
5CB Medium Chestnut Brown
5AR Medium Maple Brown
5AB Mocha Ash Brown
4R Dark Auburn
4AR Dark Chocolate Brown
4G Dark Golden Brown
5 Medium Brown
4RM Dark Mahogany Red
1N Rich Black
4 Dark Brown
4A Dark Ash Brown
3 Natural Black
2 Soft Black
1B Natural Blue Black
9 1/2 NB Lightest Natural Blonde
9 Light Natural Blonde
7BB Dark Beige Blonde
8RB Reddish Blonde
9 1/2 A Lightest Ash Blonde
9A Light Ash Blonde
7G Dark Golden Blonde
7R Red Penny
10 Lightest Ultimate Blonde
7 Dark Blonde
8 1/2 A
5RB Medium Reddish Brown
5G Medium Golden Brown
7 1/2 A Medium Ash Blonde
6RB Light Reddish Brown
6R Light Auburn
5RV Medium Red Violet
6 Light Brown
6BB Light Beige Brown
6A Light Ash Brown
6RC Light Cherry Auburn
6G Light Golden Brown
6CB Light Chesnut Brown

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Triple Protection Color

  • Ceramide + Pro-Keratin + Collagen
  • Rich, Radiant Color.
  • Revitalized Hair
  • 100% Long-Lasting Gray Coverage
Permanent Hair Color

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