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SPL801 Auburn
SPL802 Brown
SPL803 Burgundy
SPL804 Cabaret
SPL805 Cappuccino
SPL807 Cocoa
SPL808 Deep Purple
SPL809 Mahogany
SPL810 Natural
SPL811 Nutmeg
SPL812 Plum
SPL813 Plush Red
SPL815 Toast
SPL816 Fuchsia
SPL817 Hot Red
SPL818 Dark Brown
SPL819 Soft Brown
SPL820 Espresso
SPL821 Brown Cafe
SPL822 Coffee
SPL824 Orange
SPL826 Y2K
SPL827 Never
SPL828 Ever
SPL829 Hot Cocoa
SPL830 Currant
SPL831 Mauve
SPL833 Chestnut
SPL834 Prune
SPL835 Pinky
SPL836 Bloom
SPL838 Purple Rain
SPL839 Dolly Pink
SPL840 Rose
SPL843 Citrine
SPL844 Deep Red
SPL845 Hot Pink
SPL846 Tangerine
SPL848 Flower
SPL849 Beige
SPL851 Black Berry
SPL852 Pumpkin
SPL853 Brown Black
SPL854 Pale Pink
SPL855 Nude Truffle
SPL856 Sand Pink
SPL857 Nude Beige
SPL858 Nude Pink
SPL859 Edge Pink
SPL860 Peekaboo Neutral
  • Classic, best-selling NYX lip pencil
  • Applies smoothly and is easy to blend
  • Does not tug, pull, smear or clump
  • Contains coconut oils to hydrate and condition
  • Available in an astounding number of eye-popping shades

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