Salerm Color Soft Semi Permanent Hair Color No Ammonia


1 Black
1.88 Blue Black
3 Dark Brown
4 Brown
4.69 Violin
4.77 Brown Dark Brown
5 Light Brown
5.5 Dark Soft Mahogany Brown
5.6 Red Light Brown
5.735 Light Brown Brazilian Chocolate
5.77 Light Brown Brown Dark
5.95 Violet Basic
5.79 Cocoa Brazil
6 Dark Blonde
6.3 Dark Golden Blonde
6.4 Dark Copper Blonde
6.35 Cinnamon India
7 Blonde
7.3 Golden Blonde
7.73 Blonde Golden Brown
7.77 Brown Blonde Dark
7.735 Blonde Brazilian Chocolate
8 Light Blonde
8.4 Light Copper Blonde
9 Extra Light Blonde
F1 Red Fantasy
  • Color Soft is used in a ratio of 1 to 2, together with the Color Soft developing foam ( figure 1).
  • As it is a coloring shade over a shade, Color Soft does not lighten the natural base of the hair.
  • t does not contain Ammoniac, so the color rem airs in place on the upper layers of the hair cortex.
  • The Salerm semi-permanent dye ensures a good coverage of grey hair up to 100% at the same time as caring for the hair, thanks to the Extracts of Sage and Rosemary.
  • The recommended waiting time is 15-20 minutes, depending on the porousness of the hair.

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