Salerm Vision Permanent Hair Color


1 Black
10 Platinum Blonde
10.1 Ash Platinum Blonde
10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde
3 Dark Brown
3.5 Mahogany Dark Brown
3.65 Dark Reddish Brown Mahogany
4 Brown
4.5 Mahogany Brown
4.74 Brown Brown Copper
4.75 Brown Mahogany
4.77 Brown Dark Brown
5 Light Brown
5.5 Mahogany Light Brown
5.6 Reddish Light Brown
5.73 Light Brown Golden Brown
5.74 Light Brown Brown Copper
5.77 Light Brown Brown Dark
5.95 Violet Basic
6 Dark Blonde
6.00 Dark Blonde
6.1 Dark Ash Blonde
6.3 Dark Golden Blonde
6.31 Dark Blonde Beige
6.35 Indian Cinnamon
6.4 Dark Coppery Blonde
6.46 Red Dark Copper Blonde
6.6 Reddish Dark Blonde
6.73 Dark Blonde Golden Brown
6.74 Dark Brown Blonde Copper
6.75 Dark Blonde Brown Mahogany
6.77 Dark Blonde Brown Dark
7 Blonde
7.00 Blonde
7.1 Ash Blonde
7.3 Golden Blonde
7.31 Blonde Beige
7.4 Coppery Blonde
7.44 Orange Red
7.46 Red Copper Blonde
7.6 Reddish Blonde
7.73 Blonde Golden Brown
7.74 Brown Blond Copper
7.735 Choco Brazil
7.77 Brown Blonde Dark
8 Light Blonde
8.00 Light Blonde
8.1 Ash Light Blonde
8.3 Light Golden Blonde
8.31 Light Blonde Beige
8.4 Light Coppery Blonde
8.46 Red Light Copper Blonde
8.6 Reddish Light Blonde
8.73 Light Blonde Golden Brown
8.77 Light Blonde Dark Brown
9 Extra Light Blonde
9.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde
9.3 Extra light Golden Blonde
FC1 Green
FC4 Orange
FC6 Red
FC8 Blue
  • The new Salermvison is born, a complete new range of tones which achieve long lasting, total hair coverage, brilliance and shine.
  • A more economical color, with 56% greater quantity per application, allowing for use to carry out any technique, even on long hair
  • The new Salermvison has been specially formulated from a base composed of a cosmetic conditioning mask which protects and cares for the skin and hair thanks to its almond, wheat germ oils, Castor oil and its selective quartered conditioners, which regulate the absorption of heat depending on the hair's porosity.

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