Sebastian Cellophanes Deposit Only Hair Color


Espresso Brown
Chocolate Brown
Caramel Brown
Champagne Blonde
Vanilla Bonde
Honeycomb Blonde
Cinnamon Red
Cranberry Red
Saffron Red
Sapphire Blue
Ice Blonde
Clear Shine
All the benefits of Cellophanes without the color deposit, resulting in a mirror glass reflection. The ultimate fashion accessory for your hair with translucent color and unparalleled shine and conditioning. The professional service serves up a shine treatment with a dimension of color for the look and feel of brilliantly healthy hair. Infused with non-oxidative pure dyes and UV light inhibitors in a protein enriched formula, Sebastian Cellophanes contains no ammonia or peroxide. It ushers in an era of glaze color as it creates a new dimension known as deposit only, translucent pure hair color.

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