Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

Turbo Power


Incredible power but stylish

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer ensures a statement of style and beauty with incredible power of the k-lamination motor. Easy to use and to clean, this dryer is sure to last you a long time and to enhance your blow drying experience.

  • 79 cubic meters air/hour for fast drying.
  • 79 Metros cubicos/hora para un secado rapidisimo.
  • 2000 Hour K-Lamination Motor.
  • 2000 horas el motor k-Lamination.
  • 4 temperatures + instant cold air. 2 speeds.
  • 4 temperaturas 2 velocidades y soplo de aire frio instantáneo.
  • Anti-overheating device.
  • Contra el recalentamiento del dispositivo.
  • Removable stainless steel filter.
  • Filtro removible de acero inoxidable.
  • 3 meters of strong cable.
  • 3 metros de cable muy resistente.
  • 490 grams in weight.
  • 490 gramos de peso.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Hecho en Italia.
  • Available in Grey, Red, Pink, Black & Violet

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Hair Dryer

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