Wahl Sterling Nugget Clipper 8482 40% Lighter than Full-size Clippers


WAHL Sterling Nugget Small Professional Clipper Model 8482 -Easy to maneuver since it fits in the palm of your hand. The control factor is off the charts! -Clipper uses standard full-size blades and has a standard Wahl taper lever. -Notches built-in each unit to show exact placement of the taper lever when fading. -Standard Wahl attachment combs easily work on this blade. -Personalize your clipper with 4 color insert chips. -Large hanging hook for storage at your station. -Made in the USA like most Wahl Professional products. MOTOR ROTARY UNIT WEIGHT 9 OZ. UNIT LENGTH 5" BLADE 1005 CORD 8 FOOT PROFESSIONAL GRADE, CHEMICAL-RESISTANT ACCESSORIES 8 ATTCHMENT COMBS, OIL, CLEANING BRUSH, 4 COLOR INSERT CHIPS, INSTRUCTIONS, & RED BLADE GUARD

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